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The Hubbub Process

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding works through a crowd of donors each making an individual contribution to a particular project. You can support an idea from its earliest stages and spread the word by sharing with your network with just one click. Our built in sharing tools make it quick and easy to share your chosen campaigns amongst your friends and connections.
The RNOH Charity’s crowdfunding page is a new way of enabling our supporters and the larger community to connect with our lifesaving and pioneering projects by donating to lots of small, time - specific campaigns. Most importantly, through this platform, we will be able to fund innovative projects that can’t be funded through standard NHS funding.

Who are the donors?

Your donors will be individuals such as past and current patients, friends and family, as well as anyone who has an interest or sees potential in your project. The amount of people that see your project will depend on how much you promote it to friends and family. Remember, The RNOH Charity is always on hand to help with this, as are the Advisory Panel.

Can I raise more than my funding target?

Yes! There is no ceiling to how much you can raise and it is common for projects to raise more than their minimum and sometimes more than their funding target!

What's all-or-nothing funding?

We ask you for two amounts - the minimum you need, and your ultimate target. Funds only change hands if a project has reached its minimum once it hit its end date. This means you only need to carry out your project and deliver rewards if you achieve this minimum target. We recommend setting the minimum at the smallest amount you need to complete your project and successfully deliver rewards. You can still set a bigger project target as well! Most projects receive considerably more than their minimum.

What is a project?

When you publish your idea or event, we call it a project. For your idea to become a project, you must have a clear goal and be able to explain how you will spend the funds you raise.

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