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Ten intrepid Ink-sters plan to trek 55 miles across the Sahara to fundraise for a brilliant cause.

On the 20th October 2016, nine intrepid Ink-sters plan to trek across the Sahara - 55 miles across sand and rocks. Why? Because they can and to raise much needed funds for a brilliant cause.

For two whole days, while they take every sandy, rocky step in the blistering heat they will be spurred on by the money they raise to help people who don't have the same opportunity; to walk, that is. 

Ink is proud to be fundraising to help the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Charity's Make It Possible Campaign raise enough money to expand their Spinal Cord Injury Centre (SCIC) to help people with spinal injuries get the specialist help they need.

Please watch the short film above and let campaign frontman, and SCIC patient, Marcus explain. A year ago Marcus was a full time DJ and bodyguard, until a tragic accident left him paralysed from the chest downwards. He was in an emergency ward in a local hospital and needed to get transferred to the highly specialised Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to start his rehabilitation. But due to a lack of beds he had to wait months to get transferred. 

Fortunately, a year on, thanks to the specialist expertise at Stanmore, Marcus has a renewed vision of what he wants to do with his life, with Paralympic aspirations and he also has an important role teaching kids to box and learn many other life skills.

Marcus's life changed in just a moment, as can any of ours. Please dig deep and help us with our fundraising target. There are also some special rewards that may help you dig a little deeper, such as having your name (or the name of a loved one), engraved on a special glass donor recognition wall, or an exclusive dinner with double Olympic Champion, Max Whitlock.

Who is taking Part? 

Simon Leslie

Steve Rowbotham

Mimi Levine

Ben Collier

Zina Mures

Clara Adler

Robin Phillips

Oleksiy Korniychuk

Tatjana Heinzelmann

George Hughes

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9 months ago

Day 2 : 22nd October 2016 

After two gruelling days in the 100c heat the Sahara ten crossed the line in darkness at 19:30 23 hours of walking - blisters - old news, joint pain headlining - the contrast of elation meets pain and suffering only dwarfed by the satisfaction that we've helped such a fantastic cause. The final five miles were through the sand dunes. Please dig deep and help us help the RNOH Spinal Cord Injury Centre.

See y'all soon....

The Ink 10

9 months ago

Day 1: 21 October

A gruesome challenge in the camp and all 10 survived and made it to the camp. Blisters galore, very tired and very sore. Was 100C most of the day so good for weight loss! Tomorrow is a mile longer. Wish us luck and dig deep please to support our fundraising challenge...

9 months, 1 week ago

The 10 Intrepid Inksters arrive at the airport ready for the long walk ahead....

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Donation from Toni & Paul Lewis

Donation on Behalf of Sital Bhundia, @ Marcus - you are a legend!!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step :) enjoy the walk

Well Done George! You never fail to amaze us! Graham and Nela

Well done x

Fancy dress & this weeks collections

Very proud of my Ink colleagues! HEROES!

Well done George yours a little more impressive but I did a cycle to London to Paris just to get two days off work for charity ;) lengths u go to not to work haha Simon

Well done - very proud! And a wonderful cause

Ink Bake Off :-)

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From the Kaye's

May your feet heal sooner than anticipated

Well done all!

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Congratulations from Aon - what a great achievement

Well Done x

Thats Right

Great job!!!

Proud of those Ink-sters!! keep flying the flag!!!

Big well done to you who made it! U guys should be very proud of yourselves. You are MAD - Making a Difference!

Well done Ink-Sters!! proud of you all!

Well done to all of you! Living in the sweltering heat of Bangkok now seems like a daily and refreshing walk in the park compared to what the 10 of you went through. Amazing achievement! Achim

Congratulations guys! What an incredible achievement. Cx

Great job Inkers! (Who carried Simon?)

Well done George. Love Lewis, Louise, Rory and Charlie

Well done Taffy a great cause xx All the best Nobby

Well done everyone!!

good luck guys!

a litle help :-)

Enjoy playing in the sand guys - great cause and great effort being made! That's right!

Hope the walk goes well! Good Luck! Well done Steve!

Good luck Taffy Andy M

What a great challenge for a great cause. Best of luck. Marc

Keep th faith x

Good luck guys! Enjoy the amazing experience and when it gets tough just remember the great cause you are doing this for. Very proud of you all. Gibbo x

Good Luck & Well done for such a great cause xxx

Good Luck Team Ink! Hats off to you all for doing this. It'll be an amazing achievement and for a worthy cause. Stay safe! Doves xx

Sending best wishes to you all, we're thinking of you!

Enjoy and have an inkredible time!!!

So proud of you all. Amazing. Have fun! Victoria (Adelman) xxx...

Good luck guys, and don't lose anyone in the desert - especially Mimi...

Sounds like an amazing challenge - good luck to everyone

Good luck Ink Team , you will do it :) Take care

Look after each other whilst you are out there!

Good Luck Georgey Boy

You can do it! Good luck, K

Guys, good luck!! Ink`ers are unstoppable! Go and show the ink spirit to Sahara!

Good luck from everyone at People Puzzles!

Good luck George AKA the Bant Machine!

Good luck George and all!

Best of luck to Simon and team on this great challenge for a good cause.

Good Luck from The Hughes Company

immense achievement - will be thinking of you all

Good luck!

Good luck TEAM INK, Stefan, Eva + Maxi

Great cause. Good luck to all.

Best of luck to everyone taking part! Anna

Great cause! God bless

Walking for a great cause, good luck to all of you and I hope you are wearing comfortable shoes!

You'll have an amazing time! Happy I can support you beautiful people ( Go Tattinator!!!)

Well done great cause and great challenge you will be tested:)

Good luck to everyone that is taking part

Amazing achievement all. Be so very proud....

"I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me" -Noël Coward. Seriously you are nuts but all for a great cause. Well done.

Now thats a challenge that o would have loved doing! Good luck and remember no pain no gain :)

I've learned about helping hands and I am proud of being one! Every bit makes a difference!