Spinal Cord Injury Project

A project by: Marcus Perrineau Daley


WE RAISED £414,186

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This project received pledges on Fri 18 Nov 2016

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Great News! Well done to All involved.

Having been the beneficiary of their amazing care on more than one occasion, it is a worthy cause. Please donate as much as you can.

Donation made on behalf of the EH/EW Old Comrades...

A great project. Good luck. peace, Susanne Lorraine

The least we can do to say thank you for all the support you have given Katherine over the years

Good luck with this. RNOH looked after my wife Tracy in 2013 and they are incredible. I am eternally grateful for the extra 9 months we had with her before she died in 2014, time where she had a lot more dignity and a lot less pain than she would otherwise have had.

GOOD LUCK for all further fundraising.

My uncle received excellent care and treatment at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore. They helped him make a good recovery from a major operation.

go on . . ...

RNOH Stanmore has progressively kept me in tip-top condition since my injury left me paralysed from the shoulders down 23 years ago. Stanmore is a lifeline for thousands of people an deserves a new extension.

I went to Lodge Moor Sheffield 36 years ago I waited 2 days for aa bed, I truely believe I would not have survived if had not gone so promptly. Good Luck

Fantastic project - Thank you Marcus, keep up the good work!

Good luck with this project, which is invaluable to help so many people make their lives better. Well done to all involved. Debbie Grant, Andrew and Stephen Diosi and families.

RNOH is an amazing place so happy to contribute.

Good luck for the project!

Hope you make the target

A fantastic initiative; good luck with your goal.

A great initiatibe to support those who really will benefit from what money can buy

Great idea ... please support

Good luck!!! I really hope you succeed!