About Us

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) Charity raises money to help the RNOH provide world-class care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, and supports the hospital’s pioneering work in orthopaedic research and education. We are proud to be the first NHS hospital charity to launch a crowdfunding platform and hope to use it to showcase brilliant ideas and vital projects which will help the RNOH save lives, restore independence, and give childhood back to children. For more information about the Charity and our £15 million Redevelopment Appeal, please visit our website or listen to what our Appeal Patron Princess Eugenie has to say about us:

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of donors, each making an individual donation to a particular project. You can support an idea from its earliest stages and spread the word by sharing with your network with just one click. Our built-in sharing tools make it quick and easy to share your chosen campaigns amongst your friends and connections. The RNOH Charity crowdfunding page is a new way of enabling our supporters and the larger community to connect with our lifesaving and pioneering projects by donating to lots of small, time-specific campaigns. Most importantly, through this platform, we will be able to fund innovative projects that can’t be funded through standard NHS funding.

What Do I Get For Backing a Campaign?

The benefit of backing a campaign is that you are helping to change people’s lives. Perhaps you or a loved one suffer from a musculoskeletal problem and believe the campaign that you’re supporting could directly benefit you. Besides this, there is also the option of receiving a reward from the creator of the campaign you are backing. They may offer you a naming opportunity or even send you an invitation to a launch party depending on the size of your donation. But the only way to achieve any of this is to back a campaign.

How Are Projects Chosen?

Ideas for projects can come from anyone associated with the RNOH; staff, patients, friends of patients - anyone! Our Advisory Panel, which is made up of a range of clinical and commercial experts from the hospital, will go through the submitted projects and let you know the next steps. The Fundraising and Development team will be on hand to answer any questions throughout the entire process. Just email us at MakeItPossible@rnoh.nhs.uk, or call us on 0208 909 5362.

The Hospital

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is a world leading institution that has been pushing the frontiers of orthopaedic care and innovation for over 100 years developing solutions to complex problems that others cannot. Over 120,000 patients are treated at the RNOH each year and the hospital has built up a reputation for excellent care that is entirely down to the dedication and expertise of our staff. The RNOH has the largest sarcoma centre in Europe and is one of the top 3 orthopaedic hospitals in the world.

We are invested in the future of orthopaedics; over 20% of all UK orthopaedic surgeons receive training here and with an ageing population set to be a major future concern for the NHS, the RNOH intends to continue to provide life-changing care.

For more information about the RNOH watch our Make It Possible Appeal animation, voiced by former patient Orlando Bloom.